Sound massage

Sound massage is a total relaxation technique for the body and mind.

It enables us to reach a deep relaxation state under the influence of vibrations of certified singing bowls and Tibetan gongs. During the massage, singing bowls are placed onto different parts of body and gently played by striking, while the patient remains fully clothed. Qualified masseurs and therapists choose from a range of bowls and playing intensities to achieve different relaxation effects. Through gentle vibrations, sound waves reach and massage every cell in the body, making it possible to relax, tune-in our bodies and achieve a state of well-being. Sometimes the bowls can be placed at some distance away from the client’s body or gently moved above it. During the massage, clients are usually asked to lie down, however in rare cases they might be asked to sit or stand up.

Tibetan singing bowl

During a basic Peter Hess Academy massage, the therapist uses a set of three bowls with different timbres:
– a heart bowl (for the upper part of the body)
– an abdominal/lower lumbar bowl (for the abdominal and lower lumbar part of the body)
– joint bowl (for muscles, bones, ligaments, etc.)

Basic sound massage usually lasts 45 minutes, however the first, initial session is longer and lasts about 90 minutes. It comprises of an interview, sound massage session and feedback. For individual sessions, we try to tailor the massage to particular needs of the patient and often use additional instruments, such as different types of bowls, gongs, bells, etc. The sound massage method might seem quite simple at first, but it is important to remember that its professional and effective application requires knowledge, experience and attention.

Sound massage is performed with clothes on, however it is important to wear casual, loose clothing, without buttons and other metal elements, as they might interfere with the sounds of the singing bowls. We provide blankets, if required.