Meet me

Anna Olga Ehrhardt

I am a graduate of the London University Conservatoire of Dance and Music LABAN and the Peter Hess Academy® in Poland. I am a qualified dancer, choreographer, educator and certified sound and movement therapist. Recently, I have started studying psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) in Warsaw. I am married to a man, with whom I have been enjoying an emotional journey for a couple of years now and we have two lively sons together. I am constantly learning from my three men – their love, support, dedication and sensitivity help me to get to know myself better, find out about others, the world around me and human relationships every single day.

Dance has been my passion since I was six. I have been thoroughly prepared for a career in dance and choreography. For a number of years now, I have been working with people of different ages, showing them that dance and movement can enrich our lives in many different ways. My aim is to show my students different aspects of movement: not only as classical or contemporary dance techniques, but also as an authentic means of expression, allowing us to open our minds and bodies, be here and now, introducing new experiences and helping to learn about ourselves and identify our needs.

In my life I have often strived to find ways of overcoming tough situations. Continuous stress and anxiety have taken their toll on my health. Because of those emotionally difficult experiences I entered the path of self-development and started studying ways of improving the quality of life. A couple of years ago, during an art therapy course, I found out about Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. I have gained an in-depth knowledge about sound therapy at the Peter Hess Academy Poland. At the same time, I graduated from a school of massage, specialising in classical and PeLoHa massage techniques.
My gong skills come from an exceptional teacher – Ryszard Zdzioch, a man of incredible serenity and positive energy, who spreads around the love of the world of sounds.
As an educator and therapist, I focus on showing respect and sensitivity towards others and on creating a safe space, where everyone can be calm, listen to their inner-selves and identify the needs of their bodies and minds.