Application of sound massage and therapy

Research shows that singing bowls massage has a similar effects and applications as music therapy.

In healthy people, sound massage promotes inner harmony, enhances strength and energy to cope with everyday tasks and stimulates creativity. For those, suffering from an illnesses (whether it is physical, emotional or mental) sound therapy can support conventional treatment through its calming and pain-relief effects. Sound massage applies to all areas, where deep relaxation might stimulate natural self-regulatory mechanisms, for instance, different types of stress disorders, neck and back aches and strains, joint pains, headaches, abdominal cramps, metabolism disorders, insomnia, concentration problems, expressive suppression, etc.

Sound healing with singing bowls is also used in:

  • psychotherapy, as relaxation, abreaction and imaging, as well as coaching techniques (the latter is mainly used in behavioural therapy) ;
  • psychosomatic therapy (singing bowls massage is used for healing stress and chronic pain related conditions);
  • insomnia therapy (for calming down the sympathetic system and restoring neurohormonal balance);
  • hospitals, as a support therapy restoring the balance of the nervous system and stimulating immunity (so called ‘inner physician therapy’);
  • autism therapy in children, as a communication enhancing and drawing attention to the outside world method (sometimes taking the form of playing the singing bowls together);
  • workshops for healthy children – as a form of play to stimulate creativity and imagination, boost concentration span, calm down and relax, enhance sensitivity to sound;
  • hyperactivity treatment in children, as a calming down and relaxation technique;
  • rehabilitation to ease muscle tone (the method is used in hospitals, sanatoriums and rehab centres as one of psycho-prevention techniques, reducing anxiety and ensuring that patients remain positive before surgical interventions and treatments);

The sounds produced by singing bowls trigger emotional experiences, strengthen the body, stimulate problem-solving skills, have a positive impact on healthy cells and eliminate pathological ones, particularly as the frequency of sound gets gradually higher. Singing bowls are used for non-verbal communication in patients suffering from disabilities or serious medical conditions and injuries, such as strokes. Our systems instinctively choose stimulating components from the complex sounds generated by the singing bowls, making the therapy non-intrusive, natural and lacking in side-effects. Sound healing has also other advantages and often eliminates ailments the patients were previously unaware of.